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SJO Airport Transportation

Economy Transportation

Transportation from SJO Airport

When you arrive to the SJO and after the custom’s checkpoint, your first concern will be the transportation to your place of staying.

Which will be the options?

From the airport you have a few options, Airport’s cabs (the Orange ones), Hotel Vans, and of course the regular bus to San José (yes San Jose, because for some reason the airport is located in Alajuela, so if your hotel, hostal, room or villa is in San José you will have to move there).

Uber is actually running in the country but is kind of ilegal (in terms of government taxes). Also you will find Regular cabs (the red ones) but neither Uber nor Red Cabs are allowed  into the arrival zone.

Our recommendation is to get an Uber because is the only one which offers the rate before the trip starts, and there’s no trick on those rates.  Some red cabs have a flat rate too but its common to find drivers that have their rate machine hacked.

Another way to get to your place is to arrange with your host, sometimes they can charge you a fee but it can be the double if you compare with Uber. That’s because they have to pay parking and wait for you to pass all the security check points.

However is a good option because you travel safe and you don’t have to worry about your ride. Some of them also offer to stop by supermarkets in the way home, so you can buy food for you stay.


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