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Stay Away from SJO Airport Currency Exchange Desk


If you are coming to Costa Rica for business or pleasure, you are going to need Colones, so as you know is better to have the local currency, because you are going to find places with very different currency rates.

Before you exit the airport, you will find a currency exchange desk, But!! STAY AWAY, those rates are very expensive, so I will recommend to keep your money into your pocket.

In Costa Rica we don’t have currency exchange offices, so you will have to go a bank, and you will find help there. There are many options in the market, we have private banks and state banks, so now it would be your choice. Those banks have websites where you can monitor o check the currency rate daily, and here in FrugalCostaRica.com we are pleasure to help you and try to find the best frugal way to achieve it.

Down below we list the banks and their respective websites that point direct to the exchange rate, so it will be easy for you to choose your best option.

You can also check the link of the Banco Central that has a full list of banks and their exchange rates, you have to keep on mind that is not updated daily.

Dollars exchange rate by bank, source Banco Central —–> Banco Centra <——Click Here!

State Banks

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica


Banco de Costa Rica



Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago


Private Banks


Banco Promérica









Banco Davivienda



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