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Your First Transportation after Landing SJO Airport

Economy Transportation

The first cab service you’ll find right away are the Orange Cabs, this kind of taxi is exclusive from the airport, they are Faster, Comfortable and expensive in rate (you can always negociate price with driver). So if you are not in a budget maybe this will be your first choice. Taking Uber rate as the basic and lowest rate all over the country, this Orange Cabs are three times the basic rate.

The very Next option for the ones who travels light is the bus, this is the frugal way of transportation, but you will need to go outside the airport (by the way is just
few steps from the exit door). Just be careful and ask the driver if the bus will reach your destination. (Simple vocabulary to get directions click this LINK).

Important to mention Red Cabs & Uber are not allow to enter the airport, however they are allow to pick you at the Bus Station.

Red Cabs set the price with a Taximeter, not in all cases are the same final rate, so is up to you to use this transport method.

As a traveler in a Budget we recommend to use the Uber App for very simple reasons:

  • You’ll get an estimate price before your trip start and also can check The best Route and Price for the service.
  • You can leave a review to your driver so this assure the good service in the future.
  • There no will be any “Extra” fees to the service
  • You can tip the driver through the App.

So in Summary, this will be Fast, Secure & Best price you will get when you start your journey in our beautiful country.


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